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 Please submit your details for any potential work.

Want to model for us?

If you are (professional or amateur), or want to be, a model here are some things that may be useful to know:

We often have work for experienced models.  You can register with us by sending your details.  Click the Register button below, complete the form, upload a photo and once your registration is complete we will confirm it with you and store you details.  If an opportunity comes up that matches your information we will contact you and go from there.  You can of course also keep an eye on our blog where from time to time we post job requirements.

Occasionally we may need to update our portfolio with a specific look or style.  This is usually offered to known or registered models with compensation being discussed at the time.  If you believe you have a concept in mind and would like to discuss the possibility of us being involved by all means get in touch.  We are always happy to talk about it and you could be surprised when we say yes!